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The malghe di Vezzena cheese is produced with 100% Italian milk, salt and rennet. It is aged from 3 months up until 24 months. The longer it is aged, the harder in texture and saltier in taste. The Taste is fragrant, slightly salty as you can feel the grains on your tongue. It has a semi hard, compact and slightly granular texture with small scattered holes. The Vezzena is yellow in color which gets more intense if the cheese is produced in the summer months Its name come from the original place of producrion of the cheese.

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Monti Trentini
With almost a century in business, the company has an exceptionally long tradition in the production of mountain cheeses made from the milk of mountain-grazing cows which confer unique fragrances of herbs and a distinctive gold hue. Among these are the iconic Grana Padano DOP, several ASIAGO DOP... Learn more about Monti Trentini

Malghe di Vezzena Cheese Whole Wheel

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