Catalyzing a Sustainable Farm to Fork Food System

From farm to fork, Baldor touches every aspect of the food supply chain. As one of the largest importers and distributors of fresh produce and specialty foods in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, Baldor recognizes its role and responsibility in leading the way to a more sustainable food system. We strive to actively engage with our employees, growers, shippers, and customers to strengthen our food supply chain to optimize environmental and social best practices. We also find ways to continuously improve our own operations, implementing innovative solutions to minimize our environmental impact.


Develop a robust regional food system that promotes responsible production and consumption

  • Baldor's SparCs Program (scraps spelled backwards) is our innovative solution to eliminating food that is wasted in our Fresh Cuts facility. In Fresh Cuts, we process fruits and vegetables into various shapes and sizes for both food service and retail. Instead of throwing fruit and vegetable peels, cores, tops, and bottoms into the landfill, we capture and repurpose this perfectly usable and nutritious product. In doing so, we utilize 100 percent of the produce we process, ensuring none goes to waste. SparCs are great for juicing, making broths, soups, sauces, or adding to baked goods.

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  • Imperfect Produce is Baldor’s way of redefining, educating, and creating a market for produce that is usually unsellable. One in five fruits and vegetables never make it off the farm because they fail to meet superficial standards of attractiveness. A slight difference in shape or size is what keeps produce in the field rather than on someone’s plate. We work with farmers to rescue imperfect produce and get it into our customers' kitchens. Check out Baldor’s line of imperfect produce and join the movement to stop food waste from farm to fork. 

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  • Every week we send SparCs to farms across the tri-state area. SparCs complement an animal’s diet by providing a nutritious supplement to their traditional feed. Baldor’s SparCs to Farm program has feed a variety of animals including hogs, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

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  • The average piece of produce in the United States travels 1,500 miles to get from farm to plate, having adverse impacts on the environment and the local economy. The direct impact of buying local produce results in an increased financial stability for farmers and encourages sustainable growth in the local agricultural sector. Baldor's Local Pledge makes supporting local farmers simple. For our Local Pledge signatories, our team of expert buyers substitutes commodity items with comparably priced local alternatives whenever they are available. Join our Local Pledge today.  

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Embed sustainability into our everyday work culture and give back to the communities we work in and serve

  • Engaging employees in our sustainability endeavors is key to our success. We make it a priority to educate and generate awareness about Baldor’s sustainability programs across all departments. We incorporate sustainability into our new hire training to ensure new employees understand our commitments and the value they bring to our company. Our goal is to get all employees engaged in Baldor’s sustainability journey.

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  • We believe everyone should have access to good, healthy food. We are aware that food insecurity exists in all communities we work in and serve. With a quarter of Bronx residents experiencing food insecurity, we recognize our responsibility to increase accessibility and affordability of nutritious food. We partner with City Harvest, Food Bank of New York, Pat’s Outreach Ministry, New York Common Pantry and others who pick up fresh fruit and vegetables daily to serve those in need.  

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Improve the efficiency of our operations and drive industry change from farm to fork

  • In 2016, we eliminated food waste from our Fresh Cuts processing facility by identifying different uses that resulted in 150,000 pounds of leftover food product no longer going to landfill. This encouraged us to take it a step further and turn all post-consumer organic waste generated from our offices and cafeteria into compost. Additionally, we developed comprehensive recycling programs in our offices and warehouse to ensure metal, plastics, glass, and paper products are properly sorted and kept out of the landfill.


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  • With a fleet of nearly 450 trucks and over 355,000 square feet of warehouse space, we are conscious of our impact on the environment and recognize the importance of optimizing all resource efficiency and use. This has led us to explore different option to reduce our material use and look into minimizing our carbon emissions.

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