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Hormone & Antibiotic Free Rabbit

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About John Fazio Farms

For the past 20 years, John Fazio has sold industry-renowned rabbits from his farm in the lower Hudson Valley. He attained cult status among New York chefs for both the unique breed of rabbit he raises and the old-fashioned style he champions.  His small, detail focused operation only allows him to process small quantities each week, making his product all the more coveted. The rabbits are allowed to mature in a low stress environment and graze on a seasonal blend of herbs and grasses from the farm.  As a result of his meticulous production process, each rabbit has an impressively high meat-to-bone ratio and a delicately gamy flavor.

John Fazio Farms

Rabbit is a lean and healthy meat to eat. It’s easy to digest, very low in fat and cholesterol and a great alternative to red meat for those who are trying to stay away from that.

John Fazio

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Frozen Whole Fryer Rabbit

3.5 LB AVG | 1 PC
Frozen Whole Fryer Rabbit