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Individual butter sheet especially adapted for making croissants with just the right shape. Its' extreme malleability allows the pastry chef to roll it, fold it and turn it for perfect results - an open, light and flaky texture with the aroma and flavor of fresh butter. Smooth Isigny butter comes from pastured cows in the Normandy region of France.

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Size: 10 X 2.2 LB
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Isigny Sainte Mere Isigny-sur-Mer France View all 9 items
Isigny Sainte Mere
From a historic corner of FranceIn this tiny part of Normandy, in the northwestern corner of France, dairy production is part of our history and our identity. For over 100 years we have been passionately committed to the ancient craft of cheese, cream, and butter making and the traditions of... Learn more about Isigny Sainte Mere

Pastry Butter Sheets

10 X 2.2 LB
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