We Tried This New Cauliflower-Ish Veggie And It Is What Vegetarians' Dreams Are Made Of

Tess Koman Jul 19 , 2018

After getting our hands on three gigantic batches of the stuff, the Delish kitchen geniuses went to work creating three preparations they saw fit of a cauliflower-broccolini baby.

Spoiler alert: they were all fantastic.


Roasting the florets made them a lot more broccoli-ish tasting, a few staffers noted. Crunchy and snacky and fun!


This ended up being the staff fav (it's a twist on this chicken and cauliflower fried rice recipe, FYI). "This should be on the menu at vegan restaurants," someone noted. She was correct.


Like cauliflower pizza crust, but ... not! Turns out caulilini is a great swap for regular cauliflower, in this particular realm. Do enjoy these gorgeous before and after saucing pics.

The other thing you could do is just straight-up eat it raw, but, ya know, you've got options.