How to Give Your Valentine A Chocolate Fondue Party At Home

Elizabeth Karmel Feb 4 , 2021

Hosting a memorable food experience at home doesn’t mean that you must do all the work. These days it is easier than ever with foodservice companies and caterers delivering everything you need right to your door.  All you have to do is open the box, unwrap the contents, and set it up—maybe re-heat a few items. Easy peasy.

Baldor Specialty Foods is a New York based premium food distributor that has provided restaurants with the best variety of specialty items for more than 30 years.  Like so many food wholesalers, restaurants and small farms across the country, Baldor pivoted in the last year and added home delivery and restaurant partnerships to its offerings. That means that now, almost anywhere in the USA, you can get restaurant experiences and restaurant-quality ingredients delivered to your home.

If you live in the Northeast, the Chocolate Fondue kit from Baldor is a Valentine’s Day extravaganza that you can experience in your home with very little effort.  That means that if you plan a little in advance you can make this February 14, the best Valentine’s Day ever.  Trade in that box of chocolate or bottle of cologne, or perfume for a very special and interactive dessert and embrace your happy praise.

And this Chocolate Fondue kit is not just for romance.  If you like chocolate, this is something that everyone regardless of age can enjoy—and face it, that is just about everyone!  Chocolate fondue is of those things that you see in movies or maybe you have had in a restaurant.  I had it one time in a cozy farmhouse in the south of France.  It was served in the afternoon in front of a roaring fire, and it was a simple set up of dark chocolate and a small selection of fruit.  As much as I loved it, I’ve never made it at home and I’ve never had it since.  I even bought a fondue pot, but I never ended up using it.

This fondue kit, created by New York’s Relish catering, has something for everyone.  It includes a nice re-useable ceramic fondue pot and four forks; the kit says that it is for two people, but I think that it would easily serve four.  The creamy chocolate sauce is reheated in the microwave and then poured in the fondue pot.  It is the perfect texture for dipping—not too thick or fudge-y, and not too thin like chocolate syrup. It is kept warm by three tea lights but that won’t heat it up, so you do need to reheat the sauce before pouring in the pot.  

The kit comes with so many yummy things to dip.  My favorites were the most delicious thick-cut dark-roasted potato chips that are house-made, and equally crispy rice-crispy treats.  The treats were light and not chewy from too much marshmallow, and the perfect vehicle for the chocolate sauce.  Besides those, there was a bag of crystallized ginger which I appreciated, and happen to love.  And, long-stemmed strawberries, chunks of red velvet-rose cake, glittery butterscotch fudge sparkle pops, crunchy hazelnut-dark chocolate biscotti, a jar of conversation hearts and heart-shaped red hots.  If that wasn’t enough, there are cute Valentine’s messages and sparkly hearts to decorate your table. All you have to add is a beverage to enjoy with the chocolate fondue.  

If your evening includes your children, I suggest ice-cold milk or hot chocolate.  If you are looking for adult suggestions, read on.  You can’t go wrong with a rose Champagne like Billecart-Salmon or Ruinart as the jubilant bubbles will add to the experience and refresh your palate. A fine Cognac like those made by Maison Ferrand would also be a good choice.  

If the sky is the limit, gift your Valentine with a jewel of a bottle instead of diamonds this year.  The limited-edition Ferrand Legendaire Cognac is made of 100% Grand Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac and is designed to be sipped slowly and savored.  It is bottled in a stunning hand-blown crystal carafe that you will keep as a useable souvenir long after you finish the last drop.  The Cognac has captured  “time in a bottle,” with its blend of the best Ferrand Cognacs, some more than 100 years old.  As it is priced at $2800 a bottle and there are only 500 available, it falls into the category of a girl (or guy) can dream. …

If brown spirits are your thing and you are new to Cognac, I would suggest the affordable and easy-drinking Courvoisier Avant-Garde Bourbon Cask Edition. This limited-edition release from Courvoisier is finished in Kentucky bourbon barrels and because of that, it cannot technically be called Cognac, but a “spirit drink.”  As a Bourbon lover at heart, I often drink it neat at the end of the night as the vanilla, honey and caramel notes from the Bourbon cask pairs perfectly with the fruity Cognac. 

The Chocolate Fondue kit is $80.00 and like most home delivery services, there is a delivery minimum.  It must be ordered from Baldor by February 10, and will be delivered on February 12.