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Also known as oyster plant, salsify is around fall through spring. It has an exceedingly sweet and delicate flavor similar to artichoke hearts or sunchokes. It should be peeled and placed in acidulated water to keep from browning before proceeding with any recipe. Like sunchokes, salsify will become unpleasantly mushy when overcooked by even a minute. When you catch them on time they have a soft, succulent, melting texture. Gently boil or roast with an olive oil bath and test for doneness they should be tender but not stringy. If boiled or poached, cut in cubes and serve as a side with melted butter and chopped herbs. Salsify is also great added to stews about the same time you would potatoes during the last hour of cooking. Salsify are often used to flavor soups and savory pies in Mediterranean cuisine and served mashed with butter and chives.

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11 LB
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