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With a flavor profile on the sweeter side, Watermelon Radishes are among the more accessible radish varieties. An heirloom Chinese daikon radish, they are a member of the brassica family. Watermelon radishes are pleasantly crunchy and also lovely to look at. Creamy pink-to-beige outside, they cut to reveal an outer pale green rim framing a fuschia pink bulls eye - like a rose starburst. They can be cooked in soups and stews but, with this kind of visual appeal, we suggest serving thin slices in salads - a splash of vinegar brighten their color even more. You can also tuck slices into sandwiches for crunch, use as a base for fish and vegetables, or as a crudite vehicle for dips.

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Size: 10 LB

Watermelon Radishes

10 LB
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