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Bottarga is the Italian name for the salted, pressed and dried sac of roe, most commonly from the mullet fish. Bottarga Dell'Isola is made exclusively from the roe of Gray Mullet (Mugil Cephalus), sourced from the Gulf of Mexico, off the Florida coast. Only the finest roe is selected to make the very best quality and traditional bottarga. Prepared by hand, with time and care, Bottarga Dell'Isola is both beautiful and delicious. It can be eaten sliced on its own, or simply added to many dishes for nuance and depth of flavor. Bottarga Dell'Isola adheres to HAACP and FDA guidelines. Bottarga is a delicacy sought after all around the world and goes by many names such as Karasumi (Japanese), Boutargue or Poutargue (French), Botarga (Spanish), Butarga (Portuguese), Avgotaraho (Greek), Tarama (Turkish), Myeongran (Korean), W?yúzi (Mandarin), and Batarekh or Butarekh (Arabic).

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United States of America

Bottarga Di Muggine

0.25 LB AVG
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