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What to do About Food Waste? Eat It.

Editors Dec 8 , 2015

Baldor Specialty Foods, the New York–based distributor of fresh produce, has announced a new plan to keep food waste out of the landfill. The core of the initiative is a program called SparCs which offers trim, tops and peelings from the company’s processing facility to chefs and manufacturers. According to Baldor, the program was inspired by a phone call from Adam Kaye, vice president of culinary affairs at Dan Barber’s Blue Hill restaurant. “When Adam called about buying carrot peelings and celery tops for their WastED dinner series, we were caught off guard,” says CEO T.J. Murphy in a corporate release. “We had not considered the value that these items might have for chefs. WastED really raised awareness about the issue of food waste and presented a creative solution: eat it.”

“SparCs” spelled backwards is … “Scraps”.