Give Them the Old Bronx Grape

Florence Fabricant Aug 15 , 2016

Bronx grapes have arrived. Some 90 years after the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, N.Y., and the New York Botanical Garden developed the Bronx Seedless table grape, Lagier Ranches in Escalon, Calif., has enough of a crop of these lovely translucent pale green-to-pink grapes (with thin skins and a lush, almost candied flavor) to ship them to New York.

The organic grapes have been sold on a limited basis in Northern California, but the grape never grew well in the Northeast. They will be available for about three weeks: Bronx Seedless Table Grapes from Lagier Ranches, $6.99 for a one-pound box at Agata & Valentina and Eataly stores.