Create Your Own Pumpkin Patch at Home With This Delivery Service

Jessica Wang Oct 11 , 2020

Autumn might look a lot different this year, but one company doesn’t want you to miss out on the most quintessential fall activity of all: visiting a pumpkin patch. With pumpkin patch and apple farm outings considered a moderate-risk activity by the CDC this year, Baldor Specialty Foods, a produce and specialty food company in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, debuted an online collection of fall decor that could bring a whole pumpkin patch to the doorsteps of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic-based quarantine dwellers. There’s even a mini hay bale, folks!

Baldor’s fall decor collection includes fall fruits (hello, caramel apples!), pumpkins and gourds in all sizes (from miniature ones to good ol’ 34 lbs. pumpkins), display gourds for decoration, ornamental corns, corn stalks, wheat bunches, and hay bales. The prices vary. A set of five mini pumpkins retails at $4.99, for example, while a more massive pumpkin that ranges between 30 and 34 lbs. retails at $13.99. There’s also a mini ornamental corn, a mini and a large bay hale, and a wide selection of squash (butternut squash pasta, anyone?) that will certainly evoke the autumnal bliss of a pumpkin patch at home.

Check out some of the Baldor products that will create the ultimate at-home pumpkin patch below.

Extra Large Pumpkin

A freshly-cut 30 to 34 lb. pumpkin harvested locally from the mid-Atlantic states is the perfect starting point for those at-home pumpkin patches. Whether carved, baked into a pie, or displayed, anything’s possible with this massive offering. Buy: Extra Large Pumpkin, $13.99

Display Gourds

What’s a pumpkin patch without ornamental display gourds? With their stripes, splotches, bumps, and twists, these babies are the ultimate salute to fall. Buy: Display Gourds, $4.99

Mini 3-Count Ornamental Corn

Speckled in red, blue, purple, white, and yellow, this ornamental corn (emphasis on the ornamental—don’t eat these babies) that comes in a three-count will pair well with the decorative gourds and pumpkins. Buy: Ornamental Corn, $5.99

Mini Hay Bale

Hayrides may not be possible this year, but this adorable mini hay bale just might be the next best thing. Just picture how autumnal it’ll look with those gourds and ornamental corns. Buy: Mini Hay Bale, $9.99

24-Count Caramel Apples With Nuts

Unlike the ornamental corns, you’ll definitely want to sink your teeth into this caramel apple offering, which comes in a 24 count. There’s no such thing as too much caramel apples. Buy: Caramel Apples With Nuts, $42.99