Attention Hipsters: Now You Can Go ‘Foraging’ at Whole Foods in Brooklyn

Joanna Fantozzi Jul 25 , 2016

Is it foraging if you’re searching for ingredients under the florescent lights of a grocery store? 

At Whole Foods you can buy asparagus in mason jars filled with water and blueberry sausage, but get excited for a totally new shopping experience at the Northeast’s most popular luxury grocery store: Foraging! You may have previously had to comb the countryside for unusual mushrooms and wild fiddleheads, but now you can do all of that from the comfort of your own Brooklyn grocery store.
Whole Foods Market is teaming up with Baldor Specialty Foods to create a foraging section specifically for the brand new Williamsburg Whole Foods, opening July 26.

At Baldor Forager, rare artisan ingredients like wild mushrooms and heirloom vegetables. Customers will be able to place their orders for hard-to-find ingredients at a convenient, in-store digital kiosk. Baldor’s specialists will then find the ingredients, which customers can pick up at the store a day or two later.

“At Whole Foods Markets, we’re all about constantly improving the customer experience,” said Tony Rajaram, Whole Foods Northeast produce coordinator. “We know our customers want to try new, special and exotic ingredients, however, it has been a challenge for us to stock fresh, unique produce items that are very fragile and have a short shelf-life.  Now, our customers have the ability to order these items and have it delivered to the store, retaining the integrity of the product.”