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This First Day Harvest oil from Castello de Canena is made from a careful selection of olives from choice olive trees, harvested exactly at the moment of their optimal ripeness - thanks to precision agriculture. The selected olives are harvested by night so they can be gathered more quickly, and to take advantage of lower nightly temperatures. This fresher-than-fresh olive oil from Spain is a monovarietal, newly pressed from the Arbequino olive variety. It has a medium-green olive flavor with complementary notes of fruity banana, apple, peach, and quince plus light herbal touches .Expect a balanced and harmonious oil with a distinct almond aftertaste. A key figure from the arts, sciences, or the world of sport is honored every year with designing the label for this product's iconic cherry-red bottles. This year's label was contributed by the flamenco dancer Sara Baras depicting a pivotal moment of dance in one of her performances.

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Size: 500 ML
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First Day Harvest Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ML
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