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Processed with the head and feet left on, along with a giblet pack (heart, liver, gizzard). The legs, breasts and body are in perfect size proportion for cooking evenly. This Buddhist-style Duck is preferred when preparing a traditional Peking Duck. Because Jurgielewicz's duck skin is bred to be very strong, it does not break when inflating the duck in the preparation process.

Product Details:
Size: 6 X LB
Country of Origin:
United States of America
Joe Jurgielewicz and Son, Ltd.
Dr. Joe Jurgielewicz and Sons have been in the duck breeding industry since 1984. Dr. Joe is a veterinarian trained at Cornell University and the only vet-doctor in this country who is also a duck farmer.  Although the Jurgielewicz name goes way back in the Long Island Pekin duck farming... Learn more about Joe Jurgielewicz and Son, Ltd.

Buddhist Fresh Duck

42 LB AVG | 6 PC
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