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Bakbel standard marmalades are high-class, visually appealing and bake-stable products. They are designed to be versatile ingredients, which can be spread, injected or used in other ways in a variety of premium pastry products. In addition, we also offer a unique Deluxe line of marmalades. This range is characterised by recognizable fruit pieces and delicious taste and is similarly versatile, allowing many possible applications. Product Highlights Freeze/thaw stable Bake-stable Can be injected before or after cooking Long shelf-life for final pastries (brix > 60) Paste like texture, easy to spread Recognizable fruit pieces (Bakery Jam Deluxe) Kosher - Pareve

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Size: 7 KG
Country of Origin:
Bakbel Seneffe Belgium View all 2 items
Bakbel produces fine fruit products for the bakery, confectionery and food service industry. Founded originally in Belgium, the company offers a varied range of high quality products that bring your pastries and desserts to life: - Delicious, all-natural Marmalades that are bake and freeze-thaw... Learn more about Bakbel

Apricot Marmalade

7 KG
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